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Two projects won two major awards of the third IAI Design Award


The 3rd IAI Global Design Awards Opening ceremony

After a long wait of 8 months and with the strong support of tianjin Municipal People's Government and leaders at all levels, the third IAI International Design Festival finally waved goodbye to the epidemic and officially decided to hold the third IAI International Design Festival in Tianjin.


The opening shock

Tianjin minyuan square, the one hundred - year - old landmarks ushered in the first ever international design activities, design professionals including award-winning designers from home and abroad, colleges and universities teachers and students, professors, and tianjin municipal government leaders and guests from all walks of life gathered in the IAI minyuan square stage, common witness this on behalf of today's international most innovative design award competition awards, this is not only an important events of China and international design, is an international design with historical memorial activities, and as tianjin moment after the outbreak of the international design carnival, It once again witnessed the rise of China's design power, demonstrating China's confidence and national confidence. At the same time, it also indicates that China has got rid of the epidemic, and the social economy and cultural life of the people have been fully recovered, sending a positive signal from China to the world.

The awards ceremony

This event is also the 12th IAI Global Design Award, and the first award ceremony and show after the third transformation and fission of the three major sub-awards in 2019: IAI Interior Award, IAI Architecture Award, and IAI Intelligent Creation Award. The IAI International Design Festival presents a beautiful design scroll with hundreds of flowers blossoming, which becomes a unique scenic line in the folk garden. Although this year's IAI International Design Festival has reduced the number of artists' works due to the epidemic, the number of participants has been greatly reduced due to the quota. But the whole design festival event has surpassed all previous ones in terms of size, scale, form and content.


Hexi won the award of Excellence

He Xi's design works "Jindi Hangzhou City Elegance Sales Office" and "Investment Hongyang Hangzhou Suitang Sales Office" won the third IAI International Design Festival: IAI Design Award - Interior design Excellence Award. Commercial space.奖项.jpg